Certain Amino Acids Help You Lose Weight While You Sleep

The ability to gain and lose weight cannot be contained under the large umbrella of ‘metabolism’. Certainly, the speed and efficiency with which you use energy matters but there are many smaller factors that contribute to your overall ‘metabolism’.  Even eating right and exercising can be insufficient to reshape your body if you are low on the vitamins and nutrients required to for your body to enact the change. It turns out that amino acids, which make up proteins, contribute largely to your body’s ability to desire, store, and burn calories.

Certain Amino Acids Help You Lose Weight While You Sleep

Somatotropin (STH) – A Hormone That Burns Fat Overnight

Somatotropin or STH for short is natural growth hormone that stimulates fat burning. According to Amino Acid Studies, “we produce this hormone while we sleep. It stimulates protein synthesis and boosts fat oxidation.” They have found that people who have trouble losing weight “generally have lower STH concentrations, which often hinders weight reduction”. Taking the right combination of amino acids and vitamins on an empty stomach before bed can boost your STH production and trigger increased fat burning while you sleep.

What you need to produce STH:

  • Amino Acids
    • Arginine
    • Glutamine
    • Methionine
  • Vitamins
    • B6
    • B12
  • Zinc

Glutamine and Carnitine

Glutamine and Carnitine are both amino acids that effectively induce weight loss. They, along with the B series of vitamins, help stimulate processing and discourage fat storage. Glutamine “contributes to energy supply while bypassing insulin-induced fat storage,” says Amino Acid Studies, while carnitine “transports fatty acids more quickly and throws them into the metabolic furnace… burning fat instead of storing it”. Supplying your body with the right balance of these helpful amino acids will influence it to let go of stored fat and keep it off.

Remember to always consult with a doctor or health professional when deciding on a new dosage of supplements. You are resetting the balance of your body chemistry and should do so with care and supervision. If you’d like support, consultation or guidance on your weight loss journey, contact us at Resolutions Weight Loss. We specialize in helping people through this important life change and love to hear from you.

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